updates from the lab


  • RT  @NickMullen402 : Check out our new paper on combined targeting of de novo and salvage pyrimidine nucleotide synthesis for cancer treatmen… 1 month ago
  • RT  @NickMullen402 : There needs to be a Red Zone equivalent for college football. They can just call it “Degeneracy” 1 month ago
  • RT  @JohnHShinMD : Our latest is now  @NatureComms ! From OR➡️lab, we studied potential therapeutic targets at the molecular level using single… 2 months ago
  • Hiring! Looking for a postdoctoral researcher. Project involving solid tumor bone marrow metastases. 2 months ago
  • RT  @Mansour_Lab : Exciting new paper from the lab showing the impact of neutrophil precursors as a cellular therapy for invasive fungal infe… 6 months ago

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